Hey welcome to Seguin confessions! Where you can confess/share anything you would like about Mr. Seguin, preferably positive things please :) So if you have any fantasies, frustrations, things you love/like about him, or for the lucky ladies who have had the chance to meet him, here is where you can share. Thank you so much for your support! I am not affiliated with Seguin in any way, I'd like to be haha. I do not own any pictures that are posted on here. Have fun confessing! :) *If you would like to be anonymous just note it in your confession :)
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So Dallas is playing in Anaheim and I want to see them and my Kings tomorrow so bad! I found tix online for $24 so I begged my mom to take me and she said no bc its a 45 min drive and bc she’s on the phone with her sister -____- I’m such a dumbass for not already having my license bc if I had it I’d be like “see ya later mom” & when she asks why I’ll reply with “Because it’s the cup!”

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Every one is all like Seguin and Benn such a cute bromance and I’m still sitting here like Marchand and Seguin is one of the best bromances… Seems like everyone forgot about The Marchand and Seguin bromance..:(